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A Citizenship Celebration

Posted by: Mark Guerrera - 8/9/19 3:02 PM

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We would like to digress from our usual subject matter to highlight a special event occurring in our office that has nothing to do with architecture. It is our great pleasure to welcome our employee, Noel Lopez, as a newly naturalized citizen of the United States.  Noel has been a loyal and trusted part of the team at Kenneth Boroson Architects for the past 19 years.  He began his career as a high school intern assisting with drafting.  Upon graduating, he became a full-time employee and has risen to the role of IT Manager, in addition to his many other duties.  The Naturalization Oath Ceremony took place this morning and many members of our team had the privilege of attending to cheer him on.  Below is a note we’ve written to Noel and would like to share.


Dear Noel,

It has been an honor to work alongside you all these years. Several of us even remember your first day.  We’ve delighted in watching you grow into the conscientious, kind, and driven man you have become. This is just another step in that journey.  You chose to take this step, set this goal for yourself and ultimately achieve it.  Your hard work and diligence have paid off and you are to be congratulated on a job well done.

Thank you for allowing us to play a small role in your accomplishment and to share in your exuberance today.  We can’t express enough how proud we are of you.  May you assume the responsibilities of citizenship with the grace and respect you have always shown us.


Your friends and colleagues at Kenneth Boroson Architects