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Construction Commences at 11 Crown Street in Meriden

Posted by: Ken Boroson - 4/23/19 9:39 AM

Topics: Urban Redevelopment, Multi-family Housing, Sustainable Design, Passive House

Kenneth Boroson Architects is excited to announce that construction has commenced on the new multi-family development we designed for the City of Meriden at 11 Crown Street.  Haynes Construction is hard at work at the former Record Journal Site.  Along with our team members The Michaels Organization and Torti Gallas and Partners, our office is delighted to see this project moving forward.

 11-crown-street-meriden-aerial-drone-photo-from crown-street

Designed to earn Passive House certification upon completion, the 11 Crown Street development will feature sustainable design measures including a highly insulated and air sealed building envelope, triple glazed windows, and high efficiency mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems.  The two townhouse buildings along Crown Street and South Colony Street, as well as the apartment building near Perkins Street will follow stringent design and construction standards to earn their certification.


Construction is anticipated to be completed during the summer of 2020.  The site is being cleared and foundations are starting to be formed.  We look forward to seeing this integral part of Meriden’s Transit Oriented Development District come to life.




Additional information on this project can be found on our webpage and in our blog.  Drone photos are provided courtesy of the City of Meriden.  An article on the project in the Record Journal can be found here as well.