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Crossing the Finish Line at Park 215

Park 215 Stamford CT Mixed Use Building Multi-family housing
Posted by: Ken Boroson - 1/3/19 2:11 PM

Topics: Urban Redevelopment, Multi-family Housing, Sustainable Design

Construction was recently completed on Rippowam Corporation’s new Park 215 mixed use and mixed income development in Stamford, CT that our office designed.  Viking Construction completed the work on this multi-family housing and commercial building in 21 months.  There has been high demand for the apartments and residents started moving in at the end of August.  More than half of the commercial space has been leased and these medical care providers are now open for business as well.  This project provides a prominent cornerstone for the Vita Health and Wellness District and completes the multi-phase Vidal Court revitalization initiative.


Park 215 parking deck mixed use building multi-family housing


Charter Oak Communities hosted a dedication ceremony in October.  Joining them on the roof deck for the celebration were Mayor David Martin of Stamford and US Congressman Jim Himes, as well as representatives from some of the project’s funding sources including the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Connecticut Department of Housing (DOH), and the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority (CHFA).  All were on hand to express their admiration for the work that had been done to help enrich the community and invigorate the neighborhood by making this project a reality.


Park 215 Ribbon-Cutting CHFA DOH US HUD Jim Himes David Martin Stamford CT Charter Oak Communities


Park 215 earned a Change Maker Award from the Stamford 2030 District for its highly energy efficient design.  The project was designed to meet the requirements of the Energy Star Multi-Family High Rise program and will be receiving this certification.  The Stamford 2030 District has a baseline EUI of 88 and a typical Energy Star Multi-Family High Rise building has an EUI of 40-50.  Through a thoughtful and coordinated design approach, Park 215 achieved a designed site EUI of 33.8 kbtu/sqft.  The Stamford 2030 District commended this exemplary performance.  Our office attended the awards ceremony in October to congratulate Charter Oak Communities when they accepted this award.


Change-Maker-Award Stamford 2030 District Park 215


Drone photography provided courtesy of Viking Construction.