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Reconnecting Neighborhoods With a New Gateway

Posted by: Ken Boroson - 5/21/19 9:40 AM

Topics: Urban Redevelopment, Multi-family Housing, Sustainable Design, Passive House

Hill to Downtown PlanAt the beginning of 2018, Kenneth Boroson Architects was retained by the NHP Foundation and the West River Self Help Investment Plan (WRSHIP-New Haven) to design a new multi-family development located within a transit-oriented development zone.  A proposed streetscape view along Legion Avenue is shown above.  This area was cleared in the 1950’s for a new highway that never ended up being built.  Since then, this cleared zone cut off the link between the West River, Dwight, and Hill neighborhoods spanning from Ella T. Grasso Boulevard all the way to the expressway.  In recent years, new development has gradually started to reconnect these neighborhoods, including the work currently being done as part of New Haven’s Downtown Crossing and Hill to Downtown Plan.

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Construction Commences at 11 Crown Street in Meriden

Posted by: Ken Boroson - 4/23/19 9:39 AM

Topics: Urban Redevelopment, Multi-family Housing, Sustainable Design, Passive House

Kenneth Boroson Architects is excited to announce that construction has commenced on the new multi-family development we designed for the City of Meriden at 11 Crown Street.  Haynes Construction is hard at work at the former Record Journal Site.  Along with our team members The Michaels Organization and Torti Gallas and Partners, our office is delighted to see this project moving forward.

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Innovative Sustainability: Knitting Downtown Meriden Back Together with the Introduction of Passive House

Posted by: Elizabeth Delaney - 4/16/18 10:00 AM

Topics: Urban Redevelopment, Passive House

Passive House, a revitalized European building method, is slashing conventional heating and cooling costs by up to 90% and claiming the title of today’s highest energy standard in the process. The team at Kenneth Boroson Architects is designing their first Passive House development as a part of a well-crafted strategy to radically transform the housing landscape of downtown Meriden, Connecticut. Sustainability is nestled into a larger civic vision for Meriden that will meet the unique needs of its residents, providing them with new mixed- income and mixed-use housing along with a safe, walkable, and richly amenitized downtown.

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