Holland Hill Elementary School

Budget conscious addition provides much needed expansion at Holland Hill Elementary School

Holland Hill Elementary School is a public K-5 school situated on 12.5 acres in southern Fairfield. Built in 1956, with later additions and renovations, the school presently totals approximately 42,000 sf. The current population of 407 students is projected to increase to 440 through 2026.

In 2016, Kenneth Boroson Architects was retained to design a renovation/addition to bring the school into compliance with the Educational Specifications approved by the Board of Education for a projected enrollment of 504 students. The project has two goals: to immediately alleviate overcrowding, and to address the long-term requirements of increasing enrollment.

Addition/alterations to meet CT High Performance Building Standards

K-5th grade elementary school

Approx. 54,000 sf

Construction Cost:
$13-14 million (est.)

Project Status:
In construction