Our Approach:  An Eight-Step Process to Creating Timeless, Enduring Architecture

1. Organizational

We build in-house teams tailored to each project’s unique needs. All projects are led by the principal with a project manager, project architect, interior designer and support staff.

2. Methodical

We utilize an integrative design methodology that includes input from clients, stakeholders, consulting engineers and authorities having jurisdiction in order to obtain faster than standard client and community approvals.

3. Collaborative

We actively listen to all stake holders, encourage participation, recognize diverse viewpoints, and provide leadership to collectively arrive at shared decisions.  

4. Analytical

We thoroughly research all available data, procedures, protocols, site and neighborhood conditions, traditions, historic character, codes, budget and schedule requirements. 

5. Creative

We design buildings with a deep sense of beauty (harmony, nature, repose) that is greater than the basic necessity. We incorporate unique ornament, pattern and artistic elements to uplift the spirit of persons approaching and/or occupying the building.

6. Modeling

We create a 3D Building Information Model that allows multiple perspective views for client review during design. The model also allows us to predict building behavior to maximize energy and efficiency and to minimize coordination conflicts to save on construction cost.

7. Practical

We steadfastly design our projects to meet both our client’s aesthetic goals and their budget/schedule requirements. We provide simple, eloquent solutions to practical problems. We utilize in-depth professional estimating at every phase to maintain construction cost budgets.

8. Meticulous

We “sweat-the-small-stuff” during our construction documentation, administration and close-out phases to ensure projects are delivered according to their design intention.