Langrock Building - Barrie LTD Shoes
Langrock Building

An award-winning restoration of the neo-Gothic style Langrock Building enlivens Yale’s Broadway District

The Langrock Building, located on York Street near Broadway in downtown New Haven, Connecticut, was constructed in 1927. Kenneth Boroson Architects was retained to design restoration of this historic property for Barrie Ltd. Booters.

In addition to the major repairs of the façade and the slate roof, exterior work included the design of new signage and copper-trimmed storefront windows.

In the interior, existing wood moldings were maintained, while new oak cabinetry, stained to match the original moldings, was added.

Historic restoration, interior renovations

Exterior restoration and tenant fit-out

Exterior envelope and 1,240-sf interior

Construction Cost:

Project Status:
Completed in 1994