CES Trumbull
CES Trumbull
Cooperative Educational Services

Brightly lit art rooms, laboratories and media center add specialty classrooms at Cooperative Educational Services

Located in Trumbull, Connecticut, Cooperative Educational Services is a school for the developmentally challenged.  The student body includes, but is not limited to, individuals encompassing the full autism spectrum (ages 4-21) as well as emotionally disturbed children and teens (ages 6-18).

Kenneth Boroson Architects’ involvement with CES has given us insights into the environments required for a variety of special needs individuals.  Examples of design issues include color and pattern choices, specialized furniture, acoustic separation and protection of users from hazards. 

The scope of this particular project required expanded learning areas for the current student population, necessitating the addition of a new 15,000-sf wing to the original 93,850-sf building.

New addition to meet CT High Performance School Standards

Ages 4 - 21 school for developmentally challenged students includes general classrooms, a media center, art and music rooms, recreation room, therapy room, parent room, administrative offices and support service areas

14,804 sf

Construction Cost:

Project Status:
Completed in 2011