Eastview Terrace Master Plan
Eastview Terrace Master Plan
Eastview Terrace Townhomes

Partial demolition, renovations, additions and new structures create a safe new neighborhood at Eastview Terrace.

Managed by the Housing Authority of New Haven, Connecticut, Eastview Terrace is located in the Fair Haven Heights area of the city, near the Quinnipiac River and the East Haven border. The former Eastview Terrace Housing Development was designed as quintessential 1940s “barracks-style” brick linear structures. The original layout of the neighborhood created limited visibility at unit entrances resulting in substantial security problems.  

The structures were in a state of significant disrepair and hazardous materials were present. Furthermore, the buildings were bland and monotonous with little or no differentiation between individual townhomes. 

Kenneth Boroson Architects was retained to provide HANH with various options to mitigate these issues. The project is being completed in multiple phases.

Master plan

Affordable housing development (127 units with community center and storage building)

21 acres

Construction Cost:
$41,200,000 (includes both phases)

Project Status:
Phase 1:  Completed in 2009
Phase 2:  In Construction