129 Church Street Mixed-Use

Historic office building transforming into residential / commercial center facing New Haven Green

An office building located across from the Green in New Haven, Connecticut will undergo transformation to become 92 market-rate apartments. Constructed circa 1912, the building once held the corporate office of Second New Haven National Bank, and more recently was home to several small businesses including law offices and other professional tenants. With the advent of remote work resulting in increased tenant vacancies, the “change of use” to residential became a practical solution. Kenneth Boroson Architects was contracted to design the renovations.

The building’s historic exterior will appear largely unchanged but will receive a new roof, repointed masonry, and new windows, all designed to comply with regulations established by the State Historic Preservation Office and the US Department of the Interior.

The first floor and mezzanine level will become two distinct floors and will continue to be occupied by commercial tenants.

Adaptive reuse

Renovation of office space to 92 market-rate apartments

80,169 total sf: approx. 14,000 sf commercial, 51,000 sf residential, 5,800 sf amenities and 9,100 sf common areas

Construction Cost:
Withheld upon request

Project Status:
In design