808 Chapel Street Apartments

Vacant corner being transformed into a classic design that blends in with surrounding Ninth Square

The corner of Chapel and Orange Streets in New Haven has been vacant for several years since an uninhabited structure was demolished due to a crumbling façade.  Kenneth Boroson Architects was retained to design the new cornerstone of the block.

The new 6-story mixed-use building is reminiscent of a vernacular New Haven 1920s urban building, with a lighter stone street-level façade and storefront.  Punctuated along the stone lintel is an ornament pattern of intersecting circles.  Above the street-level space, a "new brick" material reflects the surrounding existing buildings.  Large glass windows allow natural daylight to reach deep into the retail stores and residential units.

New construction

Six-story mixed-use building including 46 apartments, student housing, and street-level retail

51,145 sf

Construction Cost:
To be determined

Project Status:
Under construction